Sweet Bargain

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Categories: Blondes Couples
Models:Kelly White

Relationships are about negotiation; that’s the theme of today’s POV scene, as Kelly White pleads with you to go out and have some fun with her in the city, drinking and dancing and partying. You’re not interested, but you don’t want to be a total hard case either, because after all Kelly is pretty good to you, good cook, folds your laundry, gives you massages and sex everyday; and you remember that there has to be "give and take" in this life (sometimes even in the world of sexy blowjob pics and POV videos) and so you say, “If you give me ‘something,’ I’ll go partying with you.” And Kelly, being aware of just what that “something” is, gets right to work on the front of your jeans after stimulating you with a raised skirt view. Taking out your meat, she gives you a cock sucking, balls licking good time, enhanced by the sight of her pretty pink manicured fingers holding your thick shaft and guiding it into her sweet naughty face! With that load of cream on her mouth, though, she’s gonna have to redo her lipstick before the two of you head out into the glittery night!