A Ride to Remember

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Models:Tina Kay

We all know Tina Kay likes it any way! And today it just so happens that the freshly colored brunette will be getting it up the front, and the rump with a sybians she's happened to come upon while exploring her hotel. While she's roaming the hallways in search of something, she's found something else that must be better than whatever it is she was in search of since the beautiful Lithuanian stops dead in her tracks to hop atop the random orgasm inducing toy. Right there in the hall the sexy babe strips of her skin tight dress into to her lingerie while we watch in awe and she poses and anticipates being probed by her proxy prick. In this solo video we get to ogle every inch of Tina from her phenomenal rack, all natural by the way, to her puffy pink lips to her puckered little butthole, she is a sight for the eyes to behold. Don't miss it as she gets rammed and takes a bumpy ride, giving herself the anal insertion she's been missing.